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Zain Khan
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#1 Post by Zain Khan » Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:13 pm

Giving the increasing levels of traffic and inspired from operations in airports such as Melbourne in VATPAC airspace where they use a procedure called LAHSO - Land and Hold Short Operations, where an aircraft is to land, and then hold short of the intersecting runway or a point.

I think to increase the capacity of arrivals into Christchurch particularly during busy events such as WorldFlight, would it be possible to implement LAHSO as a way to use both RWY 02/20 and RWY 11/29 at the same time? However according to some internal analysis I have done, LAHSO would only work in Christchurch when RWY 20 and either RWY 11 or RWY 29 is in use due to the runway length and the point of intersection between the two runways. RWY 20 would have some sufficient length for a heavy jet arrival to land and then hold short of RWY 11/29 with use of autobrake 2 or 3 for a Boeing or Autobrake Medium or BTV for an Airbus. It would allow two aircraft to land on both runways at the same time, and allow a plane to land on RWY 20 and another to take off on RWY 11/29 at the same time.

An ATC instruction enabling LAHSO use, say for example an Air New Zealand A320 operating ANZ557 from Auckland landing on RWY 20 would be: "New Zealand 557, hold short of runway 29, runway 20 cleared to land." Then you got the other runway to push other aircraft up to 737s/A320s and light weighted 767s/757s/787s to land or take off at the same time ANZ557 will land. However if pilots are unable to conduct LAHSO, they should advise ATC as soon as possible to allow them to be sequenced appropriately to a point they can land without having to hold short, due to operational reasons.

LAHSO can also be advertised on the ATIS, like "EXPECT ILS D-M-E APPROACH RWY 20 OR RNAV APPROACH RWY 29" for example of RWY 20 and 29 used at the same time and then under operational information after the surface condition and before the winds, "LAND AND HOLD SHORT OPERATIONS IN PROGRESS".

What do you guys think?
Zain Khan

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Dick Tucker
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#2 Post by Dick Tucker » Wed Mar 11, 2020 12:38 pm

So where would the "LUATO' fit in? (line up and take off)
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Cam Tyson
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#3 Post by Cam Tyson » Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:27 pm

Hi Zain,

LAHSO operations can be nominated by the PIC. They do have choice weather they participate in LAHSO operations. I think it is also good to point out that only ANZ A320 aircraft are permitted to participate in LASHO operations and from my knowledge are the only pilots in NZ to be trained to do so. However, I could be wrong as 777 in America might be trained to do so. This being the only foreign carrier in Australia to have an exemption from CASA to do so. I think this is a good time to point out that I don't believe that RWY02/20 seal have to hold short bars on the runway which are a requirement for LASHO operations as it is a safety measure. The reason for this is because how does the pilot where to stop on the runway safely without causing a runway incursion? How can ATC and pilots guarantee safety? Both in the real world and in VATSIM I think you'll find yourself explaining 99% of the time to pilots what LASHO is as well. I think it also good to point out to make sure what kind of LASHO you'd be running, passive or active?



Cam Tyson

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Andrew Moseley
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#4 Post by Andrew Moseley » Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:10 pm

Not an NZ procedure for many reasons.
Andrew Moseley
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Damien Corbett
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#5 Post by Damien Corbett » Thu Mar 12, 2020 5:43 pm

There are no holding points for aircraft landing on 02/20 for departing 11/29 so this procedure has very little use. For the likes of Sydney yes.

Please do not use this in New Zealand.
Damien Corbett, VATNZ-DC
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