NS / 01 Aug 2021 / Non-Normal Night Shift - Auckland Nois...

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NS / 01 Aug 2021 / Non-Normal Night Shift - Auckland Nois...

#1 Post by VATNZ Events » Mon Jul 26, 2021 12:11 am

Night Shift
Non-Normal Night Shift - Auckland Noise Abatement
Sunday 01st August 2021 1900-2200 NZST / 1700-2000 AEST / 0700-1000 UTC


Welcome to July's Non-Normal Night Shift

Non-Normal Night Shift is our way of changing up your Sunday evenings once a month.

It might be a simple change in route, or it might be something completly out of left field.

For this months Non-Normal, it's Auckland Overload with a difference!

Bring all your aircraft into and out of Auckland while the controllers try to manage the workload under noise abatement ops!

Auckland Noise abatement means aircraft land 05R but depart 23L.

The offical charts state this is only used with 5kts or less of tailwind on one runway, but we will be running it no matter what. So it's your choice to either go clear weather or take a challenge and land or takeoff with the wind on the night.


ATC will be rostered on by the Events Director for this event.

To apply please use the applications tab above. Applications will close at the end of the Thursday before the event.

Due to the very different nature of Paraparaumu Flight Service, the position will be staffed by a local pilot who already knows the procedures for the first event.

Any listed positions not filled by rostered ATC will become free for all after the roster is published

Rostered ATC
The controller positions for this event are being rostered by the event organisers.
You can apply to provide ATC via the VATNZ Website.

Flight Bookings
We encourage pilots to book your intention to fly using vroute.
These bookings display on the VATNZ website and allow others to know when and where to expect pilots and controllers to be online.

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For more information, including airport charts and position details, check out the event page.

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