Underrated Airports / 16 Sep 2016 / Gisborne

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Underrated Airports / 16 Sep 2016 / Gisborne

#1 Post by Zain Khan » Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:43 am

Underrated Airports - Gisborne

My very own Underrated Airports event is back! This time we are heading up the Hawkes Bay to Gisborne. This airport is another very isolated airport that has had zero aircraft movements in July and August 2016 but traffic levels are building up again. Events haven't been reaching this airport as well. The regular SNO event "Bays Sector" has had high aircraft movements at airports neighbouring from Gisborne such as Rotorua but despite Christchurch (Bay) Control is over Gisborne, it hasn't been gaining traffic from the event unfortunately.

Gisborne is a regional airport serving the township of Gisborne, which has recorded the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand for years prior to circa 2014. Gisborne is the first city in New Zealand to observe the sun rising and apparently the first city to experience civil twilight. The airport, NZGS is the only commercial service airport in the world to have a active main trunk railway line crossing the main active runway (Palmerston North - Gisborne line crossing sealed runway 14/32).

This event will run on Friday 16th September 2016 from 7:00pm till 10:00pm (0700Z-1000Z)

To book controller positions or flights, you are more than welcome to do so via Vroute

ATC positions available:

NZGS_TWR 127.300
NZCH-B_CTR 119.500

Optional nearby positions if all positions taken:

NZRO_TWR 121.200
NZNR_TWR 124.800
NZOH_CTR 125.100
NZTG_TWR 118.300

Charts: http://aip.net.nz/NavWalk.aspx?section= ... e=Gisborne
Standard Route Clearances: http://aip.net.nz/pdf/NZGS_61.1.pdf

NOTE: Gisborne is a procedural airport that has no radar coverage below 9,500ft, expect increased separation requirements, long holding times or delays on ground.
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Nick Johnston
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Re: Underrated Airports / 16 Sep 2016 / Gisborne

#2 Post by Nick Johnston » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:18 pm

Hi Zain,

Please remove the VATNZ logo from the materials for this and any other event, as the event is in no way associated with the division.

Nick Johnston
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