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Membership Events Template

#1 Post by Eric Coufmann » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:11 pm

Hello Everyone, as previously mentioned with the removal of WNO we would like to see more user events, these might not be complex events for example a group of controllers might just want to control Queenstown this Friday. The plan is to have one or two of these user events to be included on the VATNZ homepage every once in a awhile.

Here is a checklist that can be used to aid in advertising your event.

Banner (Suggested size 620 x 300, this is the best middle ground so that the image can be used on all advertising mediums)
Date (Suggested to have the UTC, AEST / AEDT and NZST / NZDT listed)
Airports involved
ATC positions / what you are expecting people to control.

Some possible advertising mediums include:
VATNZ Forums
VATNZ Facebook
Vatsim Forums

There are plenty of other sites and if you find some extras feel free to add them below.

I will add more information as I think of other points to include

Eric Coufmann
VATNZ Events Director

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