Want a faster running FSX? try this...

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Simon Opit
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Want a faster running FSX? try this...

#1 Post by Simon Opit » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:05 am

Hey everyone, first post here, so hopefully its a useful one! :D

There are quite a few sites offering advice on how to modify your FSX.cfg file. I have ignored them until recently, mainly because I felt it was unlikley that a few lines of code could make much difference...well I was wrong. Recently I tried modifying my FSX.cfg file and the results have been very impressive. So I thought I would share the code changes with you.

1. This is for FSX!
2. REMEMBER make a back-up of your unmodified FSX.CFG file!
3. The FSX.CFG file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX

- Add this Under the [TERRAIN] header:


// These settings limit the amount of Autogen it will draw

- Add this under the [SCENERY] header:


// This is a really good one for city areas, it tells the simulator to not draw anything under 2 pixels, you wouldn't really be able to see it anyway right!

- This next one is for those with dual, or quad core CPU's:

Add the header [JOBSCHEDULER] then:

for Dual core: AffinityMask=3
for Quad core:AffinityMask=14

//This mainly helps with texture loading and caching.

Hope this helps some people get more enjoyment from FSX, it certainly has for me.

Mark Richards
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Re: Want a faster running FSX? try this...

#2 Post by Mark Richards » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:41 pm

Thanks Simon, a great first post so welcome to the forums!

I have all but given up on FSX but will try these and see how I go!

Mark Richards (811451)
Deputy Division Director
Auckland, New Zealand

Leon Gibbs
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Re: Want a faster running FSX? try this...

#3 Post by Leon Gibbs » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:53 pm

Mark let me know please then i will give it a shot :D
Leon Gibbs
NZ ATPL(A) - leon@vatnz.net

Wesley St George
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Re: Want a faster running FSX? try this...

#4 Post by Wesley St George » Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:00 pm

Mark Richards wrote: I have all but given up on FSX but will try these and see how I go!
I doubt your PC is worse than some of mine, I have all these tweaks on my low end PC and get a strong 30fps on medium high detail. There are some more tweaks to to replace autogen tree textures
Windows XP SP3
Intel Dual Core 2400MHz

If you try to stick to running FSX only scenery the game runs much smoother, FS9 scenery seems to leak memory and causes the game to look like a side show. So if you were to fly in Australia as you do, purchase FTX and download ORBX scenery for free from their forums. Those scenery's are optomized for FSX. Unfortunately there is no PMDG 737 for FSX yet :P

here is a tweak guide of good interest: http://members.cox.net/spambait/FSXTweakGuide.pdf Also remember to get all service packs.

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