Essential XP10 plugins / tools

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Stuart MacIntosh
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Essential XP10 plugins / tools

#1 Post by Stuart MacIntosh » Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:38 pm

Impossible to list every great X-Plane plugin, but here is a list of plugins I use to improve realism and VATSIM in X-Plane 10:
  • PythonInterface - prerequisite for many plugins
  • Ground Services - pushback tractor, fuel truck
  • XPGFS - NOAA GFS WX for X-Plane 10
  • zyGrib - for viewing NOAA WX in XPGFS and planning around the winds aloft:
  • Landing speed - nice on-screen popup report of landing performance
Some scenery enhancement / dev' tools There's also a bunch of great Android and (more-expensive) iPad apps to supplement X-Plane:

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