FS9 B737-200

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Duncan White
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FS9 B737-200

#1 Post by Duncan White » Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:11 pm

I was trying to help a new member of VATNZ with navigation.

He has FS9 and a B737-200.

I only understand X-Plane.

Would a B737-200 even have a navigation display or a FMC?

Would he need some extra software?

How does he follow a set of fixes on an airway?

eg CHAA 1 - CH Y175 OMKUN Y655 POKOM Q277 AA

Can someone recommend a website which explains it for him?

Leon Gibbs
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Re: FS9 B737-200

#2 Post by Leon Gibbs » Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:12 pm

By default, No. It is near-on impossible to navigate an aircraft using what FS9 provides in it's basic GPS, let alone SID and STAR!

The best idea, is to get something like FSNavigator for FS9. You can update the database in that using Navigraph to the latest AIRAC information. From there, you can use it to navigate aircraft around the skies.

Another idea is to perhaps grab a pay-ware aircraft, such as PMDG 737 or similar. These are a little bit more complex but a lot more realistic. They come with built in FMC's which you can update using Navigraph.
Leon Gibbs
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