HOWTO: X-Plane NOAA WAFS/GFS winds aloft on Windows 64 bit

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HOWTO: X-Plane NOAA WAFS/GFS winds aloft on Windows 64 bit

#1 Post by Stuart MacIntosh » Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:18 pm

The NOAA Wide-area and Global Forecast System (WAFS and GFS) data can be used to set wind, cloud, pressure and turbulence in X-Plane.
This replaces the 3-point-interpolated-assumed-winds-aloft found in a default X-Plane install, with many flight levels worth of real and up-to-date atmospheric data.
  • Temperatures and winds aloft for FL100, FL180, FL235, FL300, FL380, FL443, FL518
  • Turbulence: 7 layers
  • Cloud layers: 3
  • Approximate precision: 0.5x0.5 degrees, +/- 3 hours (as is the GFS)
The XPGFS and PythonInterface plugins are required.
At the time of writing a bug was found in the XPGFS plugin affecting Windows 8 64-bit: sorted that out and the fixed .py file is attached to this post.

Installing PythonInterface
  • Download and install Python 2.7 64 bit - this is installed as a standard Windows application, use the default installation path if possible
  • Download PythonInterface
  • Extract the PythonInterface directory in the downloaded archive to your X-Plane's Resources directory, for example if correctly installed, the following file would exist:

    Code: Select all

    C:\X-Plane 10\Resources\plugins\PythonInterface\win.xpl
  • Start X-Plane and assert that the PythonInterface can be found in the plugins menu. Please indicate if this test fails.
Installing XPGFS
  • Download XPGFS (the .zip file)
  • Extract contents of archive to your PythonScripts folder - this should have been created when you first ran X-Plane with the PythonInterface plugin installed
  • When correctly installed, the following path and file should be present (as an example):

    Code: Select all

    C:\X-Plane 10\Resources\plugins\PythonScripts\
Restart X-Plane (FWIW: installing python scripts should not require an X-Plane restart)
Assert that the XPGFS menu is present in the Plugins menu
Configure a suitable transition level to METARs and enable VATSIM compatibility.

Please provide feedback if this does or doesn't work for you.
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