XP11 default scenery missing island of NIUE

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XP11 default scenery missing island of NIUE

#1 Post by Nick Johnston » Fri Jan 10, 2020 3:18 pm

Any X-Plane 11 users who are planning on visiting NIUE in their sim, be aware that the XP11 default scenery is missing the terrain mesh for the island of Niue. As a result, the airport NIUE appears floating in the middle of the ocean. Critically, it's floating at sea level so if you approach in low visibility or at night you may not notice until you're almost over the airport that the runway is actually ~200ft below where the instrument approaches are guiding you.

There's more details and a fix for this - copying the mesh file from XP10 into your XP11 global scenery - in the comments for the bug on the gateway page for NIUE: https://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/NIUE.

For those who don't have a copy of XP10 available, the missing file is attached. The dsf file it contains needs to be placed in your XP11 install's Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/Earth nav data/-20-170 directory.
Missing mesh file
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