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World Flight 2021

#1 Post by Ray Lang » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:00 pm

Hello Everyone.
Please disseminate the following to your local facilities.

Worldflight 2021 kicks off in 3 weeks (06NOV - 13NOV) to raise money for charities all around the globe.

VATSIM is happy to support this great cause and is again looking for our divisions and local facilities to help us by staffing in support of the event.

Please reference the following spreadsheet to determine if worldflight will enter your sector, and if so please email Fraser Cooper for inclusion in the official ATC Staffing spreadsheet if you are able to support.

A copy of the spreadsheet can be found at ... OBdgk/edit

For those of you not familiar with worldflight, it is an event that is older than VATSIM itself in which teams in full fixed based simulators operate 30ish flights 24 hours a day for a week to raise money for Charity. Due to the unique nature of the event and the people who fly along in support, ATC is required on every segment. We prefer to have local Air Traffic Controllers online, but if you are unable to staff, worldflight has a team of controllers who are authorized by VATSIM to staff any airspace not covered during the time worldflight flies through.

If you are able to staff, please know that many segments draw a significant amount of additional traffic outside of the worldflight teams themselves. The teams have a tight schedule to maintain and fly to some unique airports. As such, we grant the teams priority handling to remain on schedule. We also need to make some exceptions to some rules of ATC, such as uncontrolled field operations (1 in / 1 out), miles in trail restrictions, etc.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to another successful flight.

Best Regards,

VP: Marketing & Communication
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