Compass World Safari II Leg 13 - Kangerlussuaq to Boston

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Compass World Safari II Leg 13 - Kangerlussuaq to Boston

#1 Post by Jackson Harding » Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:08 pm

Leg 13 and we complete our crossing of the wintry North Atlantic and reach the half way point in our journey. This is the final of three legs that may see us flying through some interesting Northern winter weather. Kangerlussuaq is also sometimes known by it's former (Danish) name of Sonde Stromfjord. We'll be departing at 0300Z Sun 27 Dec 09.

Greenland scenery can be sourced from both and avsim

Boston scenery for FS9 - there are several packages available. FreeFlow do a very nice mesh and photoreal package of the entire New England area, including Boston.

The route is DCT SF W51 MA 6159N YDP J582 YZV J582 PQI J55 ENE PSM V3 WAXEN KBOS This leg is 1633 nm, one of our longest. Given the depths of the Northern winter some might like to time shift and enjoy either the short winter day or the prospect of an aurora at night. Remember that first light is before sunrise and last light is after the sun has set.

First Light Kangerlussuaq 1229 UTC

Last Light Kangerlussuaq 1817 UTC

First Light Boston 1140 UTC

Last Light Boston 2149 UTC

Kangerlussuaq Departures:

There have been a few questions on the forums about how to handle the departure from Kangerlussuaq in the dark with all that high terrain. Some detailed advice has been given on the Safari Webpage

Charts for Kangerlussuaq are in the Greenland AIP

Boston charts are available on the FAA online chart site
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