Oceanic Airspace - Position Reporting and SELCAL reminder

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Oceanic Airspace - Position Reporting and SELCAL reminder

#1 Post by Zain Khan » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:16 am

In Oceanic airspace we have these position reports since we try our best to separate you in oceanic airspace where there is zero radar coverage and we need to know estimates so we can do our best to keep you safe.

The Oceanic Reporting tool will clearly help with anything you should give inside a position report to ATC or voice on VATSIM. https://www.vatnz.net/pilots/oceanic-report-tool/

I will recommend going on www.airframes.org and search for the SELCAL code for your aircraft if your aircraft rego in flightsim matches a real life aircraft rego.

And secondly ensure the following.

A character in your SELCAL must not be repeated. AABB is invalid, however ABCD is valid.
Only characters from A to S should be used in your code, excluding I, N and O which do not have tunes associated with them.
Characters must be in alphabetical order on each half of the code between the hyphen.

Eg. VA-DC is not a valid SELCAL since V does not belong in the range of A and S excluding I and O and the code is not in alphabetical order.

BL-CM is a valid SELCAL since it fits all the criteria above.

EF-ED is not valid because the character E is repeated twice and on the second half, not in alphabetical order.

FH-DQ is a valid SELCAL, in fact this SELCAL is applied on one of Air NZ's 777s, ZK-OKR.

KZ-AP is not valid because Z is not in the range of A and S excluding I, N and O.

AP-BK however is valid.

Hopefully this provides helpful hints and tips to help you navigate and communicate in Oceanic airspace.
Zain Khan

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Re: Oceanic Airspace - Position Reporting and SELCAL reminder

#2 Post by Mark Richards » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:16 am

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