Compass Airlines Relaunch

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Compass Airlines Relaunch

#1 Post by Jackson Harding » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:15 am

The Compass SmartCARS/IPS system went live earlier today. This marks the first stage of our relaunch.

The system will let you search, book, fly and log flights all from within the client, logging and booking flights, as well as searching the schedule can also be done on the website. The system also lets you create your own charter flights. We will also be using the system for our regular group flights.

The system also provides ACARS functionality and lets you communicate with other Compass pilots online.

How to use the system:

Current active and inactive pilots on the roster should first login via the website, using the forgot password function to reset your password. Download the client and start flying.

Inactive and former pilots should contact us first. We will restore your name to the roster and then you should follow the above advice.

New pilots should register via the SmartCARS portal. As soon as you are activated by the team and have installed SmartCARS you'll be ready to fly.

What's next?
Our repaint team are working on the QualitQualityWings B787, we willwill have both a 787-8 aand 787-9 available soon. Join us as once again we stretch our wings!
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