SNO / 22 Dec 2018 / Fly A Tree

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SNO / 22 Dec 2018 / Fly A Tree

#1 Post by VATNZ Events » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:11 pm

Saturday Night Ops
Fly A Tree
Saturday 22nd December 2018 1900-2200 NZDT / 1700-2000 AEDT / 0600-0900 UTC


For this years Christmas Event we will go draw a Christmas Tree in the NZZC airspace. You can fly the route provided or make some additions. In order to allow for ATC to sequence aircraft into Auckland please plan AA - LAKES - HN before starting to draw your tree and then HN - AA on arrival to allow for a STAR. Lets see who can draw the best tree.


<span class="sv_planpoint">AA LAKES</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">HN</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">383019S1742133E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">383034S1745808E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">390515S1735928E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">390241S1744715E</span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">393741S1734015E</span><span> </span><span> </span>

<span class="sv_planpoint">393721S1750245E</span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">402333S1750443E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">402353S1755125E</span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">393711S1754827E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">393812S1771210E</span><span> </span>

<span class="sv_planpoint">390418S1760138E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">390433S1765045E</span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">383054S1754510E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">383156S1762105E</span><span> </span><span> </span><span class="sv_planpoint">HN</span><span> </span><span> AA</span><span>

Sky Vector Flight Plan

<span class="sv_planpoint">The route provided will take approximetly 2 hours to complete in a Boeing 737.</span>

<span class="sv_planpoint">IMAGE: </span><span class="sv_planpoint">Bailey Pellow</span>



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