SNO / 18 May 2019 / RNAV Night

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SNO / 18 May 2019 / RNAV Night

#1 Post by VATNZ Events » Sun May 12, 2019 12:11 am

Saturday Night Ops
RNAV Night
Saturday 18th May 2019 1900-2300 NZST / 1700-2100 AEST / 0700-1100 UTC


Come join in as we practice RNAV <span>approaches </span>into Nelson, Wellington and Christchurch.

This week&rsquo;s event will comprise of performing as many RNAV approaches in Nelson (NZNS), Wellington (NZWN) and Christchurch (NZCH). Fly between any of the three airports in any direction to complete the most amount of RNAV approaches!

The event can be flown in any aircraft up to the size of an A320/B738 so join us in anything that you&rsquo;d like that&rsquo;s medium weight category.

Please note that Nelson is surrounded in hills in all directions except north of the aerodrome with some hills extending up to 6000ft!


WNNS3 &ndash; Runway 34 &ndash; WN Q235 NS Runway 16 &ndash; WN H133 NS

CHNS3 &ndash; CH H110 PORAM Y781 LANAG H110 NS

NSCH2 &ndash; NS Q787 ALADA Y894 CH

CHWN1 &ndash; CH Y393 WN

WNCH3 &ndash; WN V306 SABDA Y622 MESIX H159 CH

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Re: SNO / 18 May 2019 / RNAV Night

#2 Post by Emile Bax » Sat May 18, 2019 10:22 pm

That was a very enjoyable evening of RNAV practice (in my case, more needed :oops: ) : thanks to all involved.

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