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New ATIS files - WIP

#1 Post by Zain Khan » Sun May 12, 2019 8:18 pm

Hey everyone,

To match up and get up to scratch with ATIS phrases taken from real world ATIS broadcasts from Airways throughout their towers, I have decided that I'll be starting a project, making new ATIS files which will also play out ATIS voices to match New Zealand's ATC operations.

In addition to current ATIS phrases that were done by Alex Dent a few years ago, I will be making new additions that would cover the following:

Low Visibility Procedures, including inclusion of Auckland's CAT III ILS ("Expect ILS DME Category 3 approach, runway 23L")
Model Aircraft Operations
Restricted Airspace
Windshear reports
Turbulence reports
Lightning observations
Improved first contact phrases - "On first contact with <airport> ATC, notify receipt of <atis letter>" instead of <airport> TWR, APP or CTR (To be in line with newer Airways D-ATIS system which replaced the old male voice with a female voice for all towers in NZ, ONLY APPLIES FOR NZAA, NZOH, NZWN, NZCH, NZQN - aerodromes with a TMA covering above them) (NOTE: I will include NZHN into this since NZHN has a TMA on VATSIM, but IRL this is only a extension of Bay Approach)
Conditions fluctuating
Off-watch towers - unattended aerodrome procedures (if a TMA/ENR controller does not wish to provide a top-down service for a smaller controlled aerodrome)
Top down services (For delivery, ground, tower - whatever applies, contact <station> <frequency>, for example "For delivery and ground, contact tower 118 decimal 7" for Auckland during night ops)

This list isn't complete and its a WIP (Work in progress) that I would work on during my spare time. Any feedback about this or ideas on what to add or remove from this project is highly appreciated.
Zain Khan

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Re: New ATIS files - WIP

#2 Post by Andrew Moseley » Mon May 13, 2019 2:00 pm

Please do not give the voice the same accent as the new one being used in real life. She is dreadful.

No idea where Altha and delda come from!
Andrew Moseley
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