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SkyLine version 1907

#1 Post by Zain Khan » Sun Jun 23, 2019 3:59 pm

VATNZ SkyLine version 1907 for EuroScope is now available for download from Dropbox.

This mod allows you to make your EuroScope look like the Airways' SkyLine ATM system. Included is a readme, the latest sector files provided by the VATNZ Operations Department and FS-Navigator AIRAC 1907 data provided by Navigraph.

• Choice of LM SkyLine and Skyline v2.1.1 tags for NZZC, Realistic NZZO and NZZC tags and more interactive with abilities to change heading and assigned speed right from the tag on both families, difference is the position of ground speed.
• Colour profiles, 4 PROFILES, 1 Oceanic profile (Blue), 3 NZZC profiles, a black profile mimicking tower scopes and some TMA/ENR scopes, a green profile mimicking Auckland Control and Auckland Oceanic Radar and a purple profile inherited from an older version of SkyLine.
• Tag colours, white for uncorrelated/unconcerned, Pale blue for inbound tags and a stronger green colour for assumed tags. Now includes white colour in assumed tag for assigned altitude and a red colour for assigned airspeed. AS OF 1907: Tags updated to allow for transition from old SkyLine to the newer SkyLine-X ATM system, and to replicate the changes.

Access and download here: ...
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