SNO / 07 Sep 2019 / Military Operations

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SNO / 07 Sep 2019 / Military Operations

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Saturday Night Ops
Military Operations
Saturday 07th September 2019 1900-2300 NZST / 1700-2100 AEST / 0700-1100 UTC


The New Zealand Defence Force regularly conducts overseas operations to assist other countries in natural disaster recovery. Today your challenge is to transport supplies between RNZAF Ohakea (NZOH), RNZAF Woodbourne (NZWB) and RNZAF Whenuapai (NZWP), or in the reverse direction. The RNZAF needs your help, fly from the nearest military base in your shiny military aircraft.

Come fly one of the currently military aircraft:
  • A109 LUH - Helicopter - "Marco"
  • <strong>Beech B200 King Air</strong> - ATS ID KNGxxxx - Voice "King Air"
  • Boeing 757 - ATS ID KIWIxxxx - Voice "Kiwi"
  • Hercules C130 - ATS ID KIWIxxxx - Voice "Kiwi"
  • NH90 - Helicopter - "Warrior"
  • P-3K2 Orion - ATS ID ORIxxxx - Voice "Orion"
  • Seapsrite - ATS SEAxxxx - Voice "Seasprite"
  • T-6C Texan II - Trainer - "Texan"
  • RNZAF Fact Sheet

You could even get out your favourite former RNZAF aircraft, A4 Skyhawk, MB339 Macchi, or something even older and bolder!

Come and experience flying into some airfields that you mightn't be used to flying in and out of.

Controllers Note: Military Aircraft should be manually assigned Squawk Codes in the 6000-6777 range.


<small>WPOH 2 - WP H182 AA H211 HN H325 TM H182 OH</small>

<small>OHWP 3 - OH Q219 OPABI Q277 AA H182 WP (Maintain 10,000 ft to 30 OH)</small>

<small>OHWP 5 - OH H182 RUGVI Q102 OMBUB Y273 PEPPE H182 WP (For flights at 11,000 ft or above, maintain 10,000 ft to 30 OH</small>

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