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Zain Khan
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New SkyLine version announcement

#1 Post by Zain Khan » Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:38 pm

Just to announce, an update to SkyLine will be coming out later than usual (since I normally update them when a new AIRAC with significant changes comes out). There will be changes from the older version which will cover the following:

* Updates to login profiles to account for the changes in VATNZ airspace that came with the release of Audio for VATSIM.
* AIRAC 1912 - Significant changes will be coming in that AIRAC according to the AIP bulletin found here: (Effective 7th November 2019)
* Updates on waypoint displays and some waypoints that are replacing the decommissioned NDBs that are outlined in the bulletin.
* Last release had a FS-Navigator data that didn't match the release AIRAC, so I will be fixing that to include AIRAC 1912 FS-Navigator data.

It is currently a WIP and will be out around the time AIRAC 1912 comes into effect.
Zain Khan

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Damien Corbett
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Re: New SkyLine version announcement

#2 Post by Damien Corbett » Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:46 pm

Zain as always you need permission from the ops director to publish any updates.

Please contact the ops director.
Damien Corbett, VATNZ-DC
ATC Training Director